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5 Myths About Test Automation

By Kate Punova
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Some years ago, automated testing has become one of the most promising means to accelerate product delivery and mitigate tester`s workload. As a result, QA automation brought efficiency to the whole testing process. Today, test automation is a popular trend, and, just like other popular things, it’s surrounded by stereotypes. We are here to ruin them and to tell you the truth.

  • You don’t need manual testing in case you go for the automation one. Automation can make the process of testing easier, but it is not able to replace manual testing completely. What if you have to test an absolutely new functionality? Manual testing is the only way to do this, and you can try to automate something only after it is complete.
  • It is possible to automate any manual scenario. This is another wrong idea because any automation tool has its own limits. Besides, it is easier to test certain scenarios manually, and for some of them it is the only way to be tested since it is impossible to apply quantitative description.
  • Automation means immediate benefits. To the contrary, automation can even be loss-making. First of all, it may be essential for a tester to gain new skills. Then, it is necessary to develop a plan of testing and the tests themselves and to make everything work perfectly. And this is not the end – in the future, you will have to maintain the existing tests and to develop the new ones. This process is virtually endless.
  • A universal automation tool exists. This is just a legend, and nothing more. There are no universal tools, and we doubt that they will appear soon. The problem is that such a tool would be too complicated and too expensive to develop. Just imagine – it would have to support all operating systems, be compatible with all browsers, etc.
  • Automation testing is able to cover 100% of app functionality. Well, automation testing may somehow cover 100% of lines of code, but the result will be pretty questionable. The thing is that it is impossible to check all the options of input and output parameters.

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