Functional testing service

Functional testing

Functional testing is aimed at verification of functional requirements being correctly implemented. Our company provides functional testing services that are resulting in finding problems before your customers find them.

Based on your requirements and specifications, our team prepares a set of scenarios and test cases. We perform detailed testing of the declared functionality in order to achieve the business goals of your software product.

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Automated testing

Large and difficult projects may require a huge investment in testing services before the launch. This process consumes a lot of time, resources and requires additional expense, which increases the possibility to leave the project without proper attention.

QA Madness can offer you a service of Automated testing. This type of testing can be performed to speed up the process, which is cost-effective for software products with a long maintenance life.

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Automated testing service
GUI testing service

GUI testing

Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing is the process of testing the system GUI to ensure it meets the product specifications. GUI testing involves checking of the screens with such controls like menus, buttons, icons, and all types of bars — tool bar, menu bar, dialog boxes, windows etc.

Our team ensures that your product meets each of your expectation. Our moto is nothing short of perfection!

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Compatibility testing

Our company dispatches all the necessary resources to test the compatibility of your software product with different configurations of hardware or software.

This type of testing helps to find out how well your product performs in a particular environment that includes hardware, network, operating system, other software etc.

We can check the compatibility of your software with a variety of operating systems, on different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox and other major browsers) and platforms.

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Compatibility testing service
Localization testing service

Localization testing

If your product is targeting international markets you know how important localization testing could be for your reputation. This is more than just switching languages.

Localization translates the product UI and occasionally changes some initial settings to make it suitable for another region. Localization testing is aimed at checking the quality of a product localization for a particular target culture/locale.

The test efforts during localization testing are focused on:

Areas affected by localization, such as UI and content
Culture/locale-specific, language-specific, and region-specific areas.

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Load testing

We perform load testing to help ensure optimal speed and quality of your product.

Load testing is a software testing technique used to examine the behavior of a system when it is subjected to both normal and extreme load conditions.

There is nothing worse for business than the site being down during active sales or intense traffic on the site. This causes not only the monetary loss but also the loss of customers which is unacceptable. We can help you check the stability of your service at various loads and warn you about potential issues.

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