With the headquarters based in London, the company* offers ready-built platforms for app development, where no coding required.

* We recognize the importance of protecting our clients’ privacy and follow the policies to maintain their confidentiality and security. That is why the company name will not be disclosed.


QA consulting was our prior task. We evaluated the software for vulnerabilities and defined further strategy to enhance quality via product analysis. That was the first time our client worked with the QA team.


  • Product overview: communication with the programming team to study the product specifics and the development process
  • Discussion: identified project goals & quality expectations
  • Feedback: detected major quality gaps and came up with the list of recommendations on quality assurance improvement. The team determined the types of tests applicable to the project specifics and created a plan for manual QA


  • After the project was evaluated, the cooperation continued and resulted in a sprint-based manual & automated testing that is ongoing
  • For now, our team is checking whether the app meets functional requirements and whether UI adapts responsively on mobile devices and supports native and web apps
  • Each sprint is followed by integration testing to ensure smooth joint functioning of the newly created software modules
  • Finally, cross-browser tests check if the web app is responsive to most popular browsers

Project Type

Web application






QA specialists

Testing Types

Functional, UI, Integration, Cross-browser

Platform & Tools

Management Tool


Bug Tracker