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Come Out, Quality, Come Out Wherever You Are!

By Kate Punova
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We have already talked a lot about quality assurance companies and quality control so that you know that QA and QC are extremely important things. But what does the quality mean? Can we measure it? What hides behind this word? This is a pretty philosophical question. We have no Aristotle or Nietzsche on our team, but we will still give you an answer. We are not philosophers, but cool testers, so we definitely know better. Here are 6 features which your customers would like to find in your high-quality product:


This is the most important feature. Your customers simply want to use your product and get a result, and you have to ensure this. You must predict all the potential scenarios, and make sure that your product is functioning without a problem under any of them.


Your product won’t become very popular in case it’s compatible only with a single iOS gadget. Find out what devices your target audience uses, and make sure your product is friendly to them. Remember, that a type of gadget is not the only question you have to answer – browsers and operating systems also matter.


Nowadays customers are very sophisticated so that it’s pretty hard to impress them. That’s why your product must be not only functional but also convenient to use. Believe us, no one likes computer games with extremely complicated control. The same thing applies to any software product – don’t make your users waste their time on finding out how everything works.


Your product must be reliable, and this is an obvious thing. What does the word “reliability” mean in this context? Well, it can be measured – it’s the time of system availability. Reliability must be as close to 100% as possible.


Efficiency can be estimated with the response time. To understand what standard of efficiency will be good for you, take a look at your competitors. Ready? Now try to be faster than them.


Never forget about documentation. Remember, if your product is carefully documented, it will be much easier to work with it. Documentation can significantly accelerate your work and even save you from making wrong decisions.
Now you know what the quality is. It’s a whole set of features and characteristics, and you should keep in mind all of them. It can be complicated, but, as a result, you will get a high-quality product, and it’s worth all the efforts.

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