Online Store. You can create an online store with any of the CMS. But, the ideal content management system for online store should have the following characteristics:
Simplicity of using and managing. This means that you don’t need to waste a lot of time for the functionality setting. For example, with OpenCart and PrestaShop you’ll be able to start selling in 30 minutes.
Functionality. If this option is important to you, note OpenCart, Magento and CS-Cart. As an example, Magento projects are easy to scale.
Customization. Sites on Drupal and Joomla! are easy to adapt to individual needs. Take into consideration the initial and the potential scale of your project.
Corporate website. Choosing a CMS for a corporate website, firstly, you need to analyze two characteristics: simplicity of using and features necessary for your project.
Big content project. For sure, you wouldn’t build your blog or media site on the CMS that was created for E-commerce projects only.  But, if you choose any other multipurpose CMS, your project will work.
Remember, the success of the content project depends on its quality and relevance, but not on the editor or CMS.
Forum. You’ll need a specialized CMS, for example, vBulletin, IPB, phpBB.  Please note that you can set the forum on subdomain of your site or use plugins and modules to extend the CMS functionality. You might be interested in such modules for popular CMS:
bbPress – a forum for WordPress.
Kunena – a forum for Joomla!
Advanced Forum – a forum for Drupal.
Besides, you can find similar solutions for other popular CMS.
In our next and last post on this topic, we’ll analyze some of the CMS according to their purpose.