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No Bugs, No Sadness!

By Kate Punova

Just imagine — you got an idea of an amazing mobile app. You spent your time, funds, and efforts on its development, and now the app is finally available at the stores. And then… A tiny bug hiding in the code spoils everything. That’s a pretty common scenario, and it is always possible to fix the bug and to release a new version of the app, but still… There is simply no developer in this world who would be happy because of the bugs.
Here, at QA Madness, we don’t want you to be sad — we want your software to make you happy. That’s why we have mastered the art of testing! “No bugs, no sadness” — this is our motto. To put it into practice, we provide the following services:
Game testing;
Mobile app testing;
Web app testing;
E-commerce testing;
Integrational testing;
Automated testing;
Load testing;
GUI testing;
Functional testing;
Localization testing;
Compatibility testing;
Documentation service;
QA consulting and audit;
QA process evaluation.
You see, we can find even those bugs which are hiding deep among the code lines! After we explore your product with our expert eye, you will be able to make it absolutely perfect. And, obviously, you will happy since there will be no bugs!
We use only real devices and have over 10 years of expertise. Besides, we not only test and find bugs — we also analyze the results we got and provide recommendations regarding the improvements and solutions. We do this with your needs in mind, so our advice won’t be general. They will be given on the basis of your exact situation. Oh, and here is one more thing you would like to know about us — included us on its list of Top 10 Software Testing Firms 2016. We are proud to be there, and we do our best to reflect this status.
If you are in search of some happiness and experienced bug hunters, welcome to us. We would be pleased to answer all your questions and help you to make your app, game or any other product of this kind as flawless as possible. Besides, feel free to make friends with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook — we would be happy to hear from you!

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