Blog   Thankful Hearts, Helpful Hands: QA for E-Commerce Business

Thankful Hearts, Helpful Hands: QA for E-Commerce Business

By Anna Senchenko

You`ll definitely be cooking and eating up a storm today, and it can be easy to forget the core meaning of Thanksgiving. It`s high time to reflect on what makes you thankful! The forthcoming holiday season is always special. Many of us plan to visit family and friends, buy food for home cooking, go shopping, get presents for close people, and enjoy the party to the fullest. Today, most of these daily activities are supported by e-commerce business.
Here is why our team at QA Madness takes a chance to sincerely thank QA testing professionals. Working behind the scenes, they perform a sophisticated e-commerce website quality assurance for the sake of customer`s convenience, stability, and festive mood.

Let`s see how e-commerce business may benefit from software quality assurance:
Excellent UI
Easy to use interface is a great way to attract more customers. This point of QA is aimed at streamlining the effective interaction between users and e-commerce interface. Festive period makes customers impatient, and high-quality UI helps them shop fast with all the product details in the full view.
Your customers shop in different countries, using various interfaces from browsers and apps to smartwatches. That is why a task for QA engineer is to check whether your website is displayed on all devices correctly. For example, if your online store has a mobile app, QA team will pinpoint the ways to improve users` convenience while shopping via mobile device.
For the best user experiences, your e-commerce business should undergo a profound testing on commonly used browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge, as well as mobile browsers for iOS and Android. Quality assurance engineers ensure your app runs smoothly in browser versions popular among your target audience.
Load on Server
The holiday season is always about huge sales and increased website traffic. With the help of performance testing, QA specialists check whether your store functions correctly under different circumstances, and the server handles the load properly. Load testing checks your site loading speed and detects system delays to avoid response errors in the period of sales. With the help of QA services and you`ll see how your website works under sudden traffic spikes.
Smooth Purchase Process
Faultless order processing is a complex task for functional QA. Here is a short checklist QA engineers follow while testing your website purchase system:

  • Search Engines. Glitches in product search can send your visitors looking elsewhere. Functional testing engineers pay attention to detecting bugs in product filtering and make sure your customers can quickly and easily find the needed items offered on the website.
  • Shopping cart. If your visitors fail to add chosen items to the cart, they leave. QA engineers check if the products can be added to the shopping cart, whether price alterations are automatic, and if the discounts, vouchers, or deals are accounted into the final cost.
  • Checkout. All tricky stages of payment process undergo comprehensive testing. QA team ensures that the merchant enables credit card purchase, the site calculates the total order price, extra costs (shipping, taxes) are included.
  • Forms & logins. QA specialists check data collection and processing, ensure the forms lead to the pages connected to the user`s account.

Conversion Rate
After all, a complex quality assurance strategy is concerned with the percentage of website visitors who make purchase. An effective bug detection leads to increased user session and conversion rate.
As the retail sector actively becomes an online phenomenon, e-commerce businesses face demand in multifunctional quality web platforms. Software testing prevents potentially devastating effects of bugs, since QA team provides with the recommendations for flawless and convenient shopping at your store. Your visitors will be grateful for a highly customized, value-added, and enjoyable experience and for their stress-free holidays, of course.

Hopefully, you`ll spend some time with your dearest people today to reflect on year`s ups and downs, while realizing how much there is to be thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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