Blog   QA Madness at CherITy2016. Part 2

QA Madness at CherITy2016. Part 2

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Second year straight IT community got together for the CherITy sports festival. The second festival for them, but the first time for us, and this is how it was:

Well, at the end of the festival, after all of these matches, we become a little bit lazy but our creativity arises. On one hand, there was sports race for 10km, 5km, and 2.5 km, and on the other – our cozy relax zone with cookies and tabletop games and puzzles. For this time, we choose to be the best at this. Homemade cookies, hammocks all around our zone in the park, picnics and lots of kids meditating over our games on the grass. We rose a pretty good amount of money for the good cause using our hospitality and the place to sleep if you’re tired.


Besides that, there were more  tennis, adults and kids races, even a fencing competition and, of course, the photo zone! But, why should I tell you when you can see it for yourself? Enjoy!






( We don’t know what happened there, but…yeah)






What was the most exciting and memorable from the festival?

The atmosphere, hospitality and, no doubt, our football team that was incredibly awesome! Even though we didn’t get the first place, the whole IT community of Cherkassy was well known for our willingness and dedication to what we do.

Due to the fact that the sports festival CherITy was able to collect even more money than was expected,  all of us sponsored not one but even two city public projects at once!

Thanks, Cherity2016, for this opportunity to participate and for the extraordinary weekends!


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