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The Good, The Bad, and The Magnificent

By Kate Punova
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Any software developing company wants its products to be tested by a really good QA tester. But what does this “really good tester” means? Which qualities are hiding behind this title? Let’s figure this out.


This is the most obvious thing – a magnificent tester must understand how the product works. Otherwise, finding bugs can turn into an extremely complicated challenge. It is also important to understand the entire project.


It’s hard to make something perfect when you don’t care about it or even hate. The same rule works with testers and their projects. It’s also essential to love testing itself. This thing works with any job, and software testing is not an exception. It’s hard to be good at testing if you hate looking for bugs.


Quality matters, but speed is important too. A good tester knows how to balance them and when to stop. If your product will be reintroduced two times per month, speed is probably more important. But if your soft is related, for instance, to health care, it is better to spend on it more time and to make it virtually perfect.
There are also certain qualities which a really good tester should get rid of.


It’s okay to be happy when you find a bug, but a magnificent tester never goes too far – he doesn’t hope that a product will have plenty of bugs missed by the developers. He doesn’t think that he is the best person in the entire world.


Trying to make a product perfect is a good quality, but only until it turns into a mania. Perfectionism may have an impact on the speed of the testing process, which is not good sometimes, not to speak of possible depression. However, certain products must be absolutely impeccable – we have already given you an example about health care.

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