The app* enables to find and book an appointment with local doctors on demand per symptoms. It is developed to provide convenient health care services both for patients and physicians.

* We recognize the importance of protecting our clients’ privacy and follow the policies to maintain their confidentiality and security. That is why the company name will not be disclosed.


The primary task — to create a series of test cases and conduct full-scale QA for each project part. As soon as the test cases were created, the team had to cover all three parts of the project (Admin panel, Web app, native iOS app) with functional and UI testing.


  • We distributed the workload among the team members so that each tester conducted QA strategy for admin panel, patient`s profile functions, and board for medical specialists offering services
  • The team started with test cases writing and studied software specifics to become deeply involved in its peculiar functional system
  • Since 4 QA engineers worked on the app every day, they managed to create a detailed set of test cases for all project parts with a 100% custom functionality
  • We analyzed the results and conducted functional testing to cover basic requirements. Some examples of defects found:
    1. – inactive “save” button in “History” field
      – not saving camera pics for patient`s profile avatar field
  • The team paid particular attention to the UI testing and reported several bugs in profile pages:
    1. – missing “back” button
      – missing fields in Doctor Personal details part
      – color mismatch in avatar design
  • Final phase: the team conducted integration tests between admin panel and applications


The team created over 500 test cases and reported 100+ bugs during testing. The results helped the developers to analyze UI defects, get the app re-planned and more convenient in use.

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