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QA Madness team conducted functional, UI, and compatibility testing to ensure the game application runs on different iOS devices.

* We recognize the importance of protecting our clients’ privacy and follow the policies to maintain their confidentiality and security. That is why the company name will not be disclosed.


  • To suggest the devices that fit best for correct game functioning
  • To synchronize the system with external specification
  • To check the game is consistent with iOS devices
  • To ensure flawless user interaction with the application interface


  • Functionality testers worked on game mechanics issues, asset integrity, checked the stability pitfalls
  • Compatibility test checked if the game app could be installed on iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Air, iPhone X and ensured game consistency with the supported devices
  • The team conducted GUI testing to check the parts of user interface & graphics: menu structure, colors & backgrounds, screen resolution, font size, animations



  • We’ve indicated the game crash if users change the language
  • Functional inconsistencies within the “purchase” block
  • Overall, our team detected nearly 20 bugs in a week
  • We suggested regression testing after the defects were fixed
  • The game application release has been successful and collected positive reviews at the Apple Store

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