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Hide And Seek With Bugs or 8 Most Common Issues In Magento Website

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Magento, as one of the leading eCommerce platforms, is used to create the most successful and high-quality online stores.
The great variety of eCommerce websites, make quite serious competition on the market and the main point that will help you to be on the Toplist is Quality. Without proper testing, “sketchy” websites may face a number of challenges after launch.
Based on our experience, we have compiled a list of the most “popular” bugs that we faced during Magento testing. Here are the most common of them:

Bug #1: You can’t rate the product or write a review for it.

It’s not the most critical bug, but it still can bugs people. The lack of opportunities to share their experiences with others can bring customers to the idea that you don’t want to have truthful reviews on the website, so this may push for the idea that something is wrong with your product.

Bug #2: Problems with registration

Your business may have serious consequences due to the challenge with the registration process. One of the most weighty of the effects of this issue is the loss of the opportunity to have regular customers. Also, it leads to the sharp drop in sales and lower activity on the website.

Bug #3: Troubles with the Wishlist

Such component, as Wishlist, has to be considered before the online store launch.
Wishlist allows customers to save their favorite items for later purchase or share them with others. It is a compromise between desires and possibilities. If some item can’t be added to the list, in the next visit the client can simply forget that he was going to buy. Studies have shown that Wishlist may increase your sales and conversions.
Don’t miss such opportunity!

Bug #4: Errors in the Compare Products extension

When there is a choice between two or more goods, comparisons of products can be the magic wand for your customers. Thus, this extension will help them choose the perfect product for their needs. The poor performance of the extension may force the customer spend more time making the decision, as well as it is may increase dissatisfaction with the online store.

Bug #5: Problems with payment or with payment methods

One of the most critical bugs which may arise in the online store – is the bug in the payment system. In this case your customers may experience some problems with online shopping from time to time.
Any difficulties at this stage of process can cause a customer dissatisfaction, distrust to your online store and inability to continue the purchase. You must be sure that the customer can easily make a payment without any obstacles and errors.

Bug #6: Magento logo instead of your logo

Sometimes Magento logo may jump during Print Order process instead of your website logo.
It’s not a critical bug, but it can ruin the impression of the website and create a feeling of its incompleteness.

Bug #7: Problems with email

One of the most common issues in Magento website would be the problem with email service. Each email, that will be sent on behalf of your website, should look professional and branded from the top to bottom.
Poor adjustment for sending emails, unverified templates, lack of branding in email may substantially reduce the reputation of your company.

Bug #8: Bugs in the tax-rules system

The purchases calculation and payment – is one of the most important parts of buying goods online. Wrong calculation of tax for the item’s purchase is a critical and unforgivable error. This can lead to different consequences in particular a loss of customers or even legal proceeding. Who would like to pay the taxes over three times more than needed just because of the missed bug?
Please note that all of the above, it’s just a small part of bugs that may arise in your product without your knowledge.
Bugs can be found in the most unexpected places and this is can easily block your way to the success. In order to avoid this fate and be sure in the quality, it’s important to get professional testing services for your Magento website.
Bugs can spring up in the development process of the Magento website like in the any other creative process. This happens. But, do you know what separates the successful website from the ordinary one? The Quality!

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