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Disadvantages of Magento

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Our previous article was devoted to the Magento advantages and why this platform is one of the best on the eCommerce market.
This time, we decided to reveal the dark side of Magento.
Here is a short list of the main disadvantages of Magento:
–  Complexity. Magento system has a very large and complex structure. So, to build online store, you will need  really strong and professional teams of developers and testers.
– Cost  of development. Usually, Magento site development requires a large investment of time and knowledge, which justifies its high cost.
– Time. Customisation of Magento store takes longer than customisation of other eCommerse platforms.
– Hosting. You should know that Magento takes a great space so hosting on the shared servers could lead to slow speed of the website. As a solution, might be a robust dedicated hosting server which also will take a certain portion of your budget.
– Cost. Magento community edition is free. But if you want to have more, Enterprise edition  for example, don’t forget that it requires an additional annual fee.
All these disadvantages are mostly related to additional expense which can be reduced by careful planning. In our turn, QA Madness can help to ensure the quality of your product and easily reduce your expense for testing.

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