Blog   QA and Testing News: Double Secret Life Of Superheroes, Who Are They?

QA and Testing News: Double Secret Life Of Superheroes, Who Are They?

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What is your association with term “superhero”? For many of you, the image of superhero will remind you about the feeling of reliability and protection. Each superhero stands against the evil force by day and night.
I’ll reveal one amazing secret to you today… At the spare time, between fights against crime, brave superheroes protect your websites and apps! Yes, superheroes working as testers for a long time! Think about it… They are hidden in the shadows. No rest, no peace, no sleep until they capture a villain and hand them over to the authorities. They are the Keepers of your reputation in the Digital World! Nevertheless, who are they? Let the Secret be revealed!

Who: Captain America

How to find out: supercorrect, strict, the true patriot. His mind is only about the “quality, quality, quality”, and is better not to joke with him. 

Having Captain America in your team is gorgeous! He will hunt bugs in the name of Quality to his last breath. During testing, he looks like a warrior on the battlefield and his battle cry is “For the quality!”. He glorifies accuracy in everything, from technical documentation to reporting. Captain America is very respected in the Team, he always willing to help another superhero in his battle. However, sometimes he may be “sticking his nose in everything” kind of guy. He lives by the rule:” Or qualitative work or nothing”.

Who: Hulk

How to find out: In the real life he is a sweetie. However, at work he turns into a true green man. Smashing, shouting, swearing, punching, stomping, kicking and general aggression mode.

He definitely has some anger issues. Gets annoyed when he finds a bug, even more annoyed when he has to raise it in the defect tracking system and almost apocalyptic if something fails in the process. During working hours he hates everything, very irritable, and (this is very important!) you need to try not to bother him too much. On the other hand, you can just wear the helmet. Just in case…
Nevertheless, his bouts of aggression always pay off, as he one of the strongest tester ever existed.

Who: Beast

How to find out: the most intelligent man in the team. He can perform the testing, and in the another minute he can write poetry. He even can quote some philosophers in the original!

He is amazing! Not only that Beast is an incredibly strong member of the team, his brain can put any person in place when needed. But he uses this feature on rare occasions.
In general, he’s a professional and quiet member of the team, who’s doing his job in good faith and brilliantly as usual. And yet, sometimes you cannot talk to him without a proper dictionary around.

Who: Spider-Man

How to find out: likes to exaggerate, falls in a panic state, impulsive.

Well… Spider-man behaving very unusual for him, as a tester. Probably because he still didn’t get into Avengers Team. Hang in there, Spidy! You’ve almost done it! (Update: He made it) Spider-Man is overreacting every time when he finds a bug. Every mistake, grammatical error or critical bug, perceives equally emotional.
It’s very characteristic of him to tell the story of “How I found a bug” in a thriller way. Developers are trying to communicate with him only by email and only about tasks. Nevertheless, despite his “Drama Queen” style, he’s doing his job in the best way. It is not a surprise, as he’ll try to check everything for thousand times.

Who: Silver Surfer

How to find out: researcher, headphones on, less scripted testing.

The purest soul of adventurer and researcher. He likes conduct testing on his own, without a script, venturing into the wilds of the product. Plus of his actions is that only he can find most unexpected bugs in unusual places.
Silver Surfer can test everything, everywhere and anytime. In the name of knowledge. The negative side of Silver Surfer tester, that he can be a little bit eccentric. But, he is worth it!

Who: Iron Man

How to find out : magically finds bugs in a second, always at the right time and the right place.

The main superpower of Iron Man is that he is the luckiest son of a bitch! In every piece of software he touches, he finds a defect instantly. His documents seem to be written by themselves. He is quick on the uptake, brilliantly deals with problems, his every action – is a show. He could be a little bit arrogant, but anyway, he is a big authority on the team. Iron Man respected for his efficiency and accuracy.
To become such superstar, Iron Man had spent a lot of hours in practicing and training, so where there’s a will there’s a way!

Here they are, superheroes in the Testing World. We were able to reveal only these 6 heroes, but they are not alone in this. There are too many hidden heroes behind the monitors. Look around you, be aware, and maybe one day you’ll notice something interested in the person who works with you.

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