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Do you want to see the reverse side of the testers world?
As you may know, we love to organize things (You betcha!). To Do Lists, schedules, graphics, classification, reports, boxes of things etc. Do you think it’s boring?
No way! Especially in the IT world!
This desire made QA Madness team create fun and useful slang that we use with our co-workers. The other day, our testers created nicknames for each bug that they found during their work and use this classification daily. How’s that happened and what they’ve made? See yourself:
The story started on the moment when one of the developers couldn’t reproduce the issue reported by me. After investigations appeared that issue was reproduced only with my one test account and nowhere else. The developer called this issue “Unicorn” and I really liked this name. I shared it with my colleagues and we decided to create our own Mad bug classification:
dementor-imageDementor – critical or hard to find bug marked as ‘Won’t fix”.
Pixy – the trivial bug that is reproduced from time to time.
Unicorn – a weird bug reproduced only for one user.
Poltergeist – a bug with random reproducibility.
Vampire – a bug that sucks the DEV’s and QA’s nerves while dealing with it.
Phoenix – the bug that starts to reproduce right after it has been fixed and resolved.
Cortesia_the_UnicornNearly Headless Nick – nearly completely fixed bug.
Doppelganger – the same bug reported by several QAs at once.
Avada Kedavra – Fatal error or crash.

Hydra – resolving of this bug will cause several new.
Zombiea bug that stalks you on all projects.

– a bug which is reopened and resolved several times in a row.

Loki – a very tricky bug.
Ghost – the bug that reported but no one pays attention to it.
Gorgon – blocker bug.
Shapeshifter – the bug steps to reproduce of which change before the developer starts fixing it.
tumblr_static_big_deuce_skullWerewolf – a bug which turns out to be a feature.
Boggart – the bug that you found but haven’t reported yet, so it still exists in the system and keeps causing weird phenomena.
Barghest – a bug that appears on the day of the release.
So when somebody asks you about Unicorn, you will know that this person deadly serious and not schizophrenic. Maybe it’s just our tester! 😉
Post created by:
Natasha Gubenko
Roman Barabash
Nina Panevina
Kostya Koberidze
Natalia Vedmid

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