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Top 10 Software Testing Blogs to Follow

By Yana Andyol
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While heavy books and guidelines come in handy for the enthusiastic beginners in realms of software testing, this is not quite a strategy for experienced QA engineers. The rise of Youtube and blogging seems a solution for those who enhance and master testing skills.

The list of our blog platforms featuring the latest news, trends, and expert guidelines on software quality assurance is a perfect choice to read this hot summer Friday 🙂

Sticky Minds

Frequently updated, the blog unites software QA engineers worldwide. The authors share their experience, dwell upon the unusual cases they`ve been challenged with, and provide with the valuable tips on everyday tasks. Q&A section is definitely worth visiting to get all the queries answered by forum fellows or experienced testers.

Google Blog

The official software testing blog of Google team where the most recent updates and news are published. Usually, the blog provides with the monthly updates and shares the practical step-by-step guidelines about different software testing strategies. Tips on the ways to reduce code nesting, suggestions about the effective test writing, a how-to guide on the efficient android platform testing are just some of the topics covered in the blog.

Software Testing Magazine

The platform is dedicated to the tutorials, reviews, news as well as list of the most recent testing tools and approaches. The content here unites QA and programming practices featuring load, performance, functional, acceptance, integration, and unit testing in software development projects. The blog will be interesting for the fans of Agile, BDD/TDD development strategies, open-source tools, advances in Android testing.

Test Guild by Joe Colantonio

Joe Colantonio is awesome in his vision about the role automated testing plays today:

“It is unit testing, integration testing, performance, site reliability, security, build scripts, DevOps, visual validation testing, test data population, Agile testing tools, environment setup and provisioning, and more.”

Joe covers full-stack automation topics, collects the latest tools, discusses the impact of AI, conducts prediction analyses about the ways automation testing will function in the future. Be it an article about JavaScript Test Automation Frameworks or podcast about mainframe DevOps testing, be sure Colantonio will find the words to explain the topic.

Trish Khoo

Trish is a tech-enthusiast, software QA engineer who manages to share the complicated topic with her sense of humor and artistic design. She is also an experienced team lead, sharing her insights about mentorship & team-building, as well as teaches the fundamentals of software testing. The format is worth attention!

QA Madness Blog

Self-promotion time 🙂
What we are trying to do here is to discuss the emerging trends of software testing and to support businesses in their growth. Our experience is all we have to ensure that development and QA strategies should align with business goals for any project to succeed. Our blog is a mix of testing guidelines, IT project growth tips, innovations in the world of tech, and conceptual pictures 🙂 Stay updated with our new publications!

The Evil Tester

Alan Richardson takes a pragmatic approach to blogging. Most of his posts reflect his experience in mentoring the teams and accelerating the quality of the project development and testing. A must-read for those who search for well-thought-out, clear answers.

Software Testing Tricks

Just like Sticky Minds, the resource is purely focused on testing. The tips & tricks format helps to find some useful notes and details about the way software testing is performed nowadays. At times, the posts about testing a coffee machine make the readers think in a different dimension and find their approach when it comes to project testing.

Abode QA

“A Hub for Testing Minds,” as they call it. This is a platform for software professionals who discuss a range of topics related to testing. The most valuable and unusual approaches featured in the blog posts go under the tagline “idea worth spreading.” Seems like the team here is passionate about sharing the content truly helpful for the readers.


No need to provide you with the basic info about this blog, you might be one of those 1 million DZone members. So far, the biggest community of IT professionals who freely share the knowledge and guidelines on the emerging topics in the tech area. The editorial team reviews the articles, only those valuable for the readers are published. No doubts, you`ll find the features of your interest among more than 70,000 articles here.

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Top 10 Software Testing Blogs to Follow

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