Blog   Being a Project Manager: A Short Survival Guide

Being a Project Manager: A Short Survival Guide

By Kate Punova
Reading Time: 1 minute

Just imagine: one day, you, an experienced QA tester who knows everything about testing software, completely switch to managing projects. That’s a good step forward, but being a project manager is not an easy challenge. No worries, we will give you some tips on how to survive.
Keep your priorities in order
You are not a tester anymore, so pay attention to planning tasks for your team. Don’t forget to communicate with your clients and control the deadlines.
Check the status of your project
Make sure that all the milestones are delivered. It’s better to do this regularly, between the deadlines. Providing your team with a feedback is a must.
Don’t dig into details too much
Being aware of everything is great, but when you’re a project manager, you have no need to know ALL the details. Don’t overload yourself – you just have to know where to get the essential detail when necessary.
Be responsible for your team
You’re not walking alone. You’re a project manager now, and you should learn how to communicate with your team, motivate them, and so on. Even if something goes wrong, don’t blame a particular person. You should be the greatest fan of your team – never forget about this.
Don’t forget about the documentation
There is no need to create a formal document to back up a project request – you just need something to provide your team with guidelines. If there is no documentation like this – create it. Reviewing such documentation with your clients is also a good idea.
Never stop learning
Improving your skills is essential for being a really good project manager. Learn new practices and always stay tech-savvy – set an example for your team.

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