A clothing & jewelry web-store* with nearly 250,000 of monthly visits. The company has an internal development team which works on its independent product. 2 QA engineers from the QA Madness team conducted functional testing of the Magento platform.

* We recognize the importance of protecting our clients’ privacy and follow the policies to maintain their confidentiality and security. That is why the company name will not be disclosed.


In the process of software development and testing, it is often impossible to take into account some business specifics and digital optimization strategy. Often, such inconsistencies reveal after software release. In this store, an item A included ~6 color and size options to choose. Item B had 1 color (green) and 6 size attributes. Client`s SEO specialist failed to unite color attributes of both items and make seven colors available for item A.
The task of our team was to find the root problem of such system behavior.


  • The team checked items for defects which could have been the sources of the system crash.
  • We decided to reproduce the same problem on the site staging and found no issues related.
  • Thus, we approached the problem in terms of individual business processes. The testers relied on their experience and system knowledge to figure out potential errors. Our team conducted functional testing, as it employs daily scenarios of system use. Functional testing imitates the way users would surf the website, so it helped to identify the problem.
  • With the help of functional testing we detected the glitch in the color attribute of item A. The color attribute was the same as the one of item B (green), although the users were able to choose only dark green color of item A. As a result, the system didn`t report an error, while SEO was trying to add the needed color.



  • A full classification of a popular product has become available for the users.
  • The marketing team analyzed if the chosen color gains the same popularity on a different product.

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