SupportDesk is the leading organization specializing in delivering full-scale technical support for online stores running on Magento.


The company has an in-house development team. However, they lack internal QA support. Therefore, the team needs independent software testing experts, to provide with a third-party perspective on the project and give unbiased feedback on the software workflow.


  • Before starting the project, we suggested the areas to support. The whole QA process was divided into 3 parts so that the indicated software pieces were properly tested
  • We devoted the first stage to functional testing. In such a way, our team analyzed the overall performance of an online store and detected functionality related conflicts in the code. After the errors were fixed, we ran one more scope of functional tests to ensure everything works correctly
  • Via cross-browser testing, we checked the system runs such browsers Win, Google Chrome, Win, Edge, Win, FireFox, Mac, Safari and devices iPad Mini, iOS: 11.2, Safari, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Android: 6.0.1, iPhone 8, iOS 11.2, Safari, Samsung Galaxy S7, Android: 7.0.1
  • At the final stage, our QA experts conducted load testing to check software capacity and sustainability with traffic spikes


  • Our documentation and feedback helped SupportDesk team understand the project more deeply, determine weak points, and fix them
  • The results proved: the development team cannot be fully expertise in a range of QA tests and it is better to have a trusted team of specialists for successful product release
  • The testing approach of the QA team improved the overall product quality and provided with the comprehensive analysis of software flow

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QA specialists

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Functional, Cross-browser, Load

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