Los-Angeles based company* that specializes in mobile app & websites development, as well as focuses on VR tech. Our close cooperation started in 2015 and continues up today.

* We recognize the importance of protecting our clients’ privacy and follow the policies to maintain their confidentiality and security. That is why the company name will not be disclosed.


The client develops a range of projects that are to undergo profound testing. Since the company has no in-house quality assurance team to handle an ongoing workload, QA Madness is permanently involved in the projects on a part-time basis. If the company develops a new app, our specialists conduct a full-scale QA strategy. If the client launches a new feature for software, our team focuses on it.
In general, our task is to control the quality level of the new software in every development phase. We make sure the issues detected at the early stages don`t reproduce anymore.


  • At the starting point, we collect the core information about the software, e.g. specs, docks, design. It helps us to have a clear picture of the project we are working on
  • A project overview serves as a basis for test documentation and task distribution among the team members
  • The team determines the most critical functional parts and sets task priorities
  • Per client`s request, we often conduct manual testing. Frequently, it is the best possible solution to check software functionality in real conditions
  • Our team conducts functional, cross-browser, load, and GUI testing for the client. In such a way, we check if the service is compatible with the devices software could work on



We manage to provide comprehensive testing that helps to identify the potential functionality issues. The team also prioritizes user needs and compiles an excellent revision guide for developers. Moreover, our QA team conducts additional test sets to ensure the entire product meets the standards.

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AR, VR, Web & Mobile






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Functional, Load, GUI, Cross-browser

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